Htet Htet Tun, a former Miss of “Miss Universe Myanmar 2015-2016” who had raised the public interest and criticisms by posting women couple photos recently on social media admitted that she loves girls since she was young despite that she did not officially admit herself as one of LGBT members.

“It is not official. And I come to know the term ‘LGBT’ only in these days. I love girls since I was young. I associate with only female friends so I am very close to those female friends. Sometimes, when I find someone to be very cute, I squeeze her and bite her. I don’t accept myself as a LGBT officially. I just love girls and I love those girls who are pretty,” said former Miss, Htet Htet Tun.

In respect of the interest and criticisms of audiences as a result of her Lesbian couple photos shot together with her friend, Yoon Wint Lywar Aung, posted on social media, she answered as follows.

“We just took this photo together as a fun. Yoon and I. We always take photos when we see something beautiful. As for her, she always coaxes and babbles. She and I took photos in flirty way while resting at shooting, waiting for our turn to act. I posted the photos because they are cute. And they are also active,” she said. Former Miss, Htet Htet Tun and Yoon become fond of each other at Miss Now How Contest since 2016 and she was asked by her audiences if she is going to marry a woman as she posted such photos.

“I think it is more important to love one another in our environment no matter they are men, women or LGBT rather than whether to marry a man or woman. And I also think it is needed to have kindness and not to have jealousy and hatred on one another,” she continued.

Former Miss, Htet Htet Tun said that she would like to act proudly in educational films to educate people to have humanity for the right of LGBT.