Project Description

Access to Justice

In the context of Myanmar’s weak rule of law and frequent rights abuses against its citizens, LGBT people face additional discrimination due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. The legal system enshrines this discrimination through several laws and statutes that infringe on the rights of LGBT people or are used to intimidate, abuse and persecute them.

Colors Rainbow’s Access to Justice Program aims to promote the rule of law and protect the rights of LGBT people under Myanmar’s legal system. We do this by providing trainings to raise awareness about LGBT rights under the legal system and the specific laws that are used to repress LGBT people. We also organize group therapy sessions to support the psycho-social needs of those who try to pursue justice or who face discrimination, especially the most targeted and marginalized, transwomen and tomboys.

In collaboration with partner organizations, we provide training to paralegals to assist LGBT people seek legal aid, mediation or other support as needed. Sympathetic lawyers provide legal assistance to LGBT individuals. All cases are documented to contribute to our analysis about the treatment of LGBT individuals.