Comedy actor, Joker said people will have an optimistic view on LGBT when the time comes though there are misunderstandings on LGBT at practical world, viewing them as things to be mocked as a result of LGBT characters showing in Myanmar videos and films.

“I think everything has its point of view. From one side, they just have goodwill to make people happy and they have wrong view on LGBT rather than aiming to show LGBT in excessively abnormal ways, I suppose. They have no intention to make people view the lives of LGBT wrongly. I think it is misunderstanding. Everybody will have an optimistic view on LGBT when the time comes,” said comedy actor Joker.

Comedian Joker is currently planned to debut in ‘Lady Boy’ movie as a Thai gay which will be shot jointly by Myanmar and Thailand and he said that this character will give a taste of happiness.

“I will act as a Thai gay who rents accommodations at hostel and only accepts gays. And as a gay who loves Myanmar. I will have to practice dialogues since Thai and Myanmar will cooperate to shoot the movie. I learnt the way Thai gays act and talk while I visit to Bangkok and I had to find women’s accessories to wear from head to toe,” he continued.

He shared his opinion that it is good to live together with love since LGBT are also human beings and all the people living on this earth can love.