Htun Aeindra Bo is a three-time Myanmar Academy Award winning actress and singer. Her performance at the opening day of &PROUD festival on 24 January uplifted the audience as it represented her unconditional support for the LGBTIQ community. 

“I’m one of the LGBT Supporters…❤️❤️❤️,” she posted on her personal Facebook page.

She also had a picture taken at the pink-pinky photo booth in order to show her support for the ongoing #LoveIsNotACrime campaign which calls for the decriminalization of same-sex relations in Myanmar.   

“I love Pride events more than other events because queer people are fun. They know how to see the best in other people no matter what happens. I am rather happier to perform for the LGBTIQ community than being scared of the backlash because they are optimistic and cheerful. In my heart, I believe that humans are just humans. At the end of the day, our children are still who they have always been,” said Htun Aeindra Bo in response to how she feels about the LGBTIQ community.