Colors Rainbow led to held Transgender Day of Remembrace (TDoR) which fall on 20th November 2018 at DDPC lawn located at strand road, Dawei Township.

This ceremony was held at 5 PM, on 23rd November and U Ho Pin, Minister of Social Affairs and Municipal, Yangon Regional Government came and gave speech and almost 300 locals of Dawei attended the ceremony.

“When we talk about human, we need to talk about men, women and LGBT and accept the way it is. Ideas, opinions, thinking are needed to be developed together with the developing and changing age and systems.

Daw Khin Ma Ma Aye, Chief Executive Director of Colors Rainbow said that such Transgender Day of Remembrance was held for 7th time and it is held on every 20th day of November annually as a day of remembrance by human right activists and LGBT from all around the world.

And U Wai Yan Soe who is Deputy Township Education Officer, Launglon Township advised to decrease and eliminate bad impacts caused by violence and discriminations.

“Discrimination, violence, ignorance have both good impacts and bad impacts. We cannot support discrimination which mainly creates bad impacts and need to prevent not to occur such discriminations. We need to stop these. Moreover, we need to punish and take action as a next level,” U Wai Yan Soe, deputy township education officer said.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is a day to remember Transgender from throughout the world that were being tortured and killed by those who hate them. Such event was firstly held on 20th November 1998 the day of murder of Rita Hester who is a Transgender from Allston, Massachusetts State, America.