Model Zar Zar Htet revealed that transgender women are her teachers since most of her hot post are learned to pose from them.

“When I start modeling, my idols are gays. Because they can do the mood I couldn’t. Their eye moods are more powerful. I learnt acting from them. They are among my teachers. I love their acting very much,” said model Zar Zar Htet.

She passed through her life like a transgender man when she was young and currently acting as a judge at Gay of the king Myanmar 2018, supporting LGBT community she loves.

“I was a tom-boy when I was young, so I can understand their lives. As I acted like a boy when I was young, my male friends call me ‘hey man’ and pulled my hairs. So, I come to stay around them as I have such feelings. I like and love LGBT. Their lives are as hard as mine. Some are criticized by community as they are gay, they can’t have confident. Since we were at grade 7 or grade 8, gays were bullied at school. Some are being bullied in sexual cases. I can’t accept such cases. It is very good that many LGBT organizations had established,” she continued.

Currently, she does not have any special activity concerning with art. She is posing for photo shooting, attending LGBT ceremonies and preparing for her exam.