Director Ko Pauk who is also a poet, script writer and actor said that LGBT are his dearest friends.

He said that he respect everyone not only at shooting but also in his daily life since LGBT are also human beings.

“Make-up artists in film community are our very close, beloved and dearest friends. They are loved very much at shooting. They can talk about funny things. Also my wife loves them. We can hear new words from them. I love them. We are humans. I respect everyone outside film community,” said director Ko Pauk.

Director Ko Pauk is currently shooting a film called “Lady Boy” which is jointly shot by Myamar and Thailand, including many LGBT characters along with the famous actor, Pyay Te Oo. He said that he does not learn about LGBT specially.

“I do not learn about them specially. Lady Boy film is not a gay film. It is a kind of film about LGBT who do not have language proficiency and who have to struggle under circumstances. No abuse to anyone is included in this film,” said Ko Pauk.

He said that he does not want to criticize others concerning with the perspective on LGBT since all the people their own belief, own style and ideas.