Rainbow Alliance led to conduct the first Safe Space talk to which LGBT who live throughout Yangon had gathered and attended.  

This event was organized at Padonmar Park, San Chaung Township in the afternoon of 31st March and LGBT and LGBT supporters joined the event.

 “We organized this event with the aim for LGBT to live altogether in unity, safety and happiness,” said Ma Khine Zar Thwe who is a responsible person from Rainbow Alliance.  

It is known that the aim of the event is to make LGBT youth stand for one another, to distribute knowledge required among LGBT youths and to create a safe space for young LGBT through this gathering.

 “We palyed games together with LGBT youths who came to the event today. They shared their feelings, listened to one another, and we seek for solutions for the difficulties they are facing. Besides, we consult with them to promote their confidence,” a member of Rainbow Alliance said.

It has been over one year since Rainbow Alliance had founded and currently, it has over 40 members.