“Digital Right Documentary Film” directed by Kyal Yi Lin Sit is an educational documentary film which showed the real events about men, women as well as Transgender women who were being violated on the internet.

In this documentary film, in addition to Sue Sha Shinn Thant who is a Transgender woman, a man attacked by hate speech online, a woman journalist, a jurist and experts who are working on digital right have interviewed.

“I add a Transgender woman as I want to aim not only women and men but also Transgender. To say about violence on internet, it is not only about women and men. Especially, there is much violence against those who have sexual diversity. This is the first documentary film shot for Transgender, Gay and LGBT community concerning with violence on internet,” said director Kyal Yi Lin Sit.

For her, This is the very first educational film shot for LGBT community and it is aimed to display at Myanmar Digital Right Forum which is organized by organizations who are excited about Section 66(d) and who are excited about digital right.

“Sue Sha Shin Thant assume herself as a Transgender and she encounter situations like her photos are uploaded on porn groups online and her phone number is posted saying the owner of that phone number who is a Transgender is available for sex at a place at a time. She is a very bright Transgender woman. Despite all these, her duty is to attend Mandalay Regional Hluttaw as a youth leader. She attended Hluttaw and has been discussing about Transgender in Hluttaw. I chose her to show that even a bright Transgender woman like her has encountered such situation,” continued Director Kayl Yi Lin Sit.

This documentary film is a film in which jurists and civil society organizations had interviewed to solve the problem of hate speech, violence and taking advantage sexually on Transgender on the internet who are wearing just like real women.

Source: www.colorsrainbow.com