In the play “A Song Emphasized by Youths” performed at National Theatre on International Youth Day 2018, discrimination against LGBT youths in social community has been depicted and performed for educational purpose.

The play is about teachers giving message that the right of each human being, personal right to choose and decide should be respected when they see two transgender students, being teased and mocked.

“I chose the character of LGBT as a brave character. And a person with good-looking personality as he is going to be dressed up like a girl. Just like this. As I have performed in LGBT characters, I can see who fits this performance. Then, I talk about it with him and he agreed willingly. I want LGBT character in this play to make it more colorful. Our thought varied from person to person. Youths can be existed in various forms,” said Ko Pyae Sone form organizing team.

In this play, 22 students from Youth Messenger Team performed and depicted not only about difficulties of LGBTs but also about difficulties of youths in each sector and various situations which youths are currently facing by singing songs.

“This year’s motto is “Secure youth’s lives to have safe and pleasant future world”.

There are 4 facts to avoid harm and to have security. We added about LGBT in the play for those who do not accept discriminations which usually happen around us. We sometimes use some usages just like others but we add it to make people know that these usages should not be used. It is included as a part of the play. The matters about thinking something is wrong if it is different from normal standard are also included,” said Dr. Nay Win (Technical advisor, Youth Project, Myanmar Doctors Association).

Dr. Nay Win explained that the objective of the play is to have security in the environments of youths, to make youths develop without violence, to enable youths to join in public and political affairs just like other people, to have equal right to speak and decide in accordance with democracy standards, to gain right to access health care and to create art and to free from poison when dealing with modern technologies.

Colors Rainbow distributed Rainbow magazines and books which included knowledge about LGBTs in that event and in “youth’s perceptive, youth’s voice” program, Phyo Thit Lu and LGBT activist, Shinn Thant had discussed about connection between human right and LGBT’s right.