“Yangon Youth Festival and Youth Organization exhibition” was held at Learning Hub of Yangon University of Education on 18th August.

Yangon Youth Network led to hold the International Youth Day Celebration 2018 with the title “Safe zones for Youths”.

“This event is held under the title of youths. According to Youth Policy, we don’t set any limitation for those who are under 35 years old. We have no discrimination for being different in belief or difference in religion or in sexual belief,” said Ko Zay Linn Mon, president of Yangon Youth Network.

PEC (Practical English Club) formed mostly by LGBT youths also participated the event by singing songs among youths.

“As this event is organized and held together by all youths, I showed that I am also one of the youths in front of all the youths without having discriminated as a LGBT. So, youths were singing songs,” said Z who is a lesbian from PEC (Practical English Club).

“Yangon Youth Festival and Youth Organization Exhibition” was held by arranging a talk related to safe zones for youths in the morning and in the afternoon, attendees were entertained by Beat Box, Street Dance, Magic, Documentary, reciting poems and singing songs.

Yangon Youth Network has been celebrating International Youth Day annually starting from 2014.

Source: www.colorsrainbow.com