Paying Homage Ceremony which gave aid and support about 45 aged and elder LGBT was held for the first time at Royal Garden Hotel at Yangon on 8th March lead by make-up artists in Yangon.

Almost 100 youth make-up artists paid homage to LGBT grandparents who are above 60 years old from various regions at First LGBT Paying Homage Ceremony. “Persons like Ma Gyi Sann need a person who will take care of them as they can’t have any children even if they could manage to get married. We paid homage with sympathy. Currently, I have an idea which is to build shelters for elder gays; someday I have a lot of money more than enough. I want to arrange a place which they can count on. I have an idea to take care of them,” said Khin San Win.

Money donated from various regions will be kept in bank account to organize such ceremony for the second time and it is known that organizers will try to arrange such ceremonies for coming years.

“Numbers of old make-up artists are not many. There are only two persons who are above age 70 and 4 or 5 persons who are above 65. As we were afraid that there will be only few people, we titled the name of ceremony as Paying Homage Ceremony for aged people who have same live like us. People from various regions came and also people who were government employee were included. We will open an account and deposit all the money in that account in order to organize second ceremony next year. We also want to establish four make-up artists associations,” said Make-up Ko Mar.

First Paying Homege Ceremony was organized by youth make-up artists lead by make-up artist Ma Htet, Make-up Khin San Win, Make-up Ko Mar, Make-up Nyi Nyi Maung (San Chaung) and Make-up Lin Lin.