Miss Htet Htet Htun expressed that she competed in election of Yangon City Development Committee Member since she has full confidence regardless of criticisms that women are not qualify for the election.

Election for Yangon City Development Committee candidates will be held on 31st March and Miss Htet Htet Tun will compete for Constituency (3) as a candidate. “Being a youth and also a woman, people say it’s impossible for me to do. It can be said that people who think like this only have difficulties to do so. In my opinion, youths have more power and innovations. I will prove with my actions for those who have doubt with my ability and who say I am weak for I am a woman. I compete in the election because I have full confidence,” said Daw Htet Htet Tun who will compete in the election as a candidate.

Htet Htet Tun has promised the public that she will try to solve the problem regarding rubbishes in back streets, traffic jam and car parking problems which are current problems within Constituency (3).

“People think women are weak, especially women in Myanmar seem like they should only do chores inside the house and have nothing to do with the matters outside. There are women who are now successful in their respective fields. I also have full confidence and I have good-will to change Yangon. I have strength for tiring jobs. I don’t want people to discriminate. I want to be a person who can contribute to the good of public,” continued Htet Htet Tun.

She had won Best National Costume Award in Miss Universe 2016 at Philippine and Miss Universe Myanmar 2016 and she continued that she wants to create a system for the vendors to sell systematically.