3 favourite films chosen by fans out of 6 films which were created based on the lives of LGBT in Myanmar have been allegedly selected for Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival 2019 which will be held in Hong Kong in September.

An evening film festival was held at Goethe Institute in the evening of 21st March and selected these 3 favourite films of fans through voting system.

“6 films will be showed at the festival. Among these films, 3 favourite films will be selected for BEST SHORT FILM AWARD of Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival which will be conducted at Hong Kong,” said Hla Myat Tun, responsible person from &PROUD.

Besides, the selected films are aimed to win BEST SHORT FILM AWRD of Hong Kong film festival. “My film is named as “To”. It is about two friends who have wrong hobbies. By seeing my film, I want all the parents to have a thought on what their children’s hobbies really are and what their children really want to be. I want them to have a thought for their children to be on right path without refusing their children’s will when choosing vocational education or choosing schools they prefer,” said director Candal who showed his film at the film festival.

The films showed at the evening film festival held at Goethe Institute are “The Mistress”, “A Play which is not Play”, Endless Love”, “Wedding Ceremony”, “To”and “A Blue Sky”.