“Ba Wa Khayee” Galleries will be set up in 6 townships all around Myanmar to make people easy to learn details of how LGBT have to pass through their lives.

“Currently, we have a “Ba Wa Khayee” Gallery displaying at the pagoda festival in Shwebo, Sagaing Region from 6th to 9th October. We set up “Ba Wa Khayee” Gallery at Shwebo Pagoda Festival as people from all over the country come to the festival. LGBT from Shwebo are united and in fact, Shwebo citizens love LGBT. As they treat in respect, we can say that it is a successful plan. Number of people between 150 and 200 come to see the gallery. We also distribute handouts and interview the senior LGBT to gain knowledge for people today about how they passed their lives and how different the situations today and the passed days,” said Ko Tharr Ko, who is a responsible person for “Ba Wa Khayee” Gallery.

Five more “Ba Wa Khayee” Galleries are left to display and these galleries will be set up in Pakhotku, Taunggyi, Dawei, Pathein and Yangon after displaying in Shwebo.

The viewers of the gallery are attracted and displayed through photos, Walk of Live books, magazines published by Colors Rainbow as well as by creating educational talks to make people understand that LGBT are also people, know about how each LGBT pass their lives, how they had to live among abusive treats, how they had to struggle lives as well as understand the laws targeted on LGBT.

“I am very thankful on behalf LGBT in Shwebo for organizing such a gallery here. And I could know about lives of my senior LGBT. It is a gallery all the LGBT should come to view and study,” said Ko ET, a LGBT activist who is the leader of Thapyay Nyo Shwebo Pann Group.

“Ba Wa Khyee” Gallery program which displays the real life-images of LGBT was implemented in July, 2016 and it was displayed in Yangon, Mandalay, Pyay, Mawlamyine, Lashio and Taung Pyone Festival as a first time.

As a second time, “Ba Wa Khayee” Galleries were displayed in Mandalay, Mawlamyine, Pyay, Lashio and MonYwa at 2017.