Academy award winner, actress Paing Phyo Thu who starred in the movie series “AtPyarTaTout”, showing on MRTV said that no discrimination should be made since all are living under the title of human being.

Paing Phyo Thu said as such at the press presentation of “AtPyarTaTout” movie series in which LGBT actors acted.

“What I think is that all of us are living under the title of human being. No matter someone is gay or whatever, that person is under the title of human being. Nobody will get worse in their lives if there is no discrimination on anyone and treat with love equally. And I believe the world will be in peace,” said Paing Phyo Thu. She and other new LGBT actors acted in “AtPyarTatout” movie series which will bridge the different things to the same people’s community as well as other actors including Aung Myint Myat, Ye Min Naing, San Mon, Aung Kyaw Soe and Wai Phyo acted in that movie series. Paing Phyo Thu said she will gain many experience since she debuted in this movie series as an actress.

“As I have to act together with different people with different characters, I have more sympathy on such people. When I have a thought “if I were them”, I can understand their lives more,” she continued her thought. In this movie series which show about the relationship between one another in social community and which aimed to prevent youths from becoming the victim of drug, she acted as the girlfriend of Aung Myint Myat who is addicted to drug. She said that she is pleased to acted as a character from which her audience can gain benefits.

“Everyone included in this movie series had tried their best, so it is worth acting if the audience remember even a message, not all, from the movie and change him or herself,” she continued, showing her attitude towards the movie.

Paing Phyo Thu won academy award for best supporting actress with the film “Tahyel ma, Bilue ma and Main Ma Pyo” directed by director Wine at 2017.