Myanmar will host Miss Trans Grand International 2018 Contest which is held for Transgender Women as a host country for the first time on 22nd September 2018.

The Contest will be conducted at Sky Star Hotel in Yangon and 40 Transgender Misses selected form respective States and Regions and each two misses representing 11 countries will participate the contest.

“This contest will be held with the aim of attaining equal human right and to say no to discrimination. This is the first international contest of such kind in Myanmar. The difficulties are the attacks from surroundings since there are still limited numbers of such event held for Transgender in Myanmar. They said just like we are doing nonsense and there are more such kind of criticisms,” said Program Director, U Swann Ye Htet.

Two misses who represent upper region and lower region of Myanmar will be selected from this contest and only those who can contribute to LGBT community will be selected. Selection of contestants for Miss Trans Grand International 2018 was done by conducting over 10 Miss Trans International 2018 competitions in respective States and Regions from December 2017 to August 2018.