Colars Rainbow arranged a workshop together with Thabin Artists in Dawei with the aim of making Thabin artists understand about discrimination against LGBTs and difficulties of LGBTs.

The Workshop firstly organized by Colors Rainbow was held at Golden Guest Hotel, Dawei on 29th August.

“This workshop was held to decrease mocking on LGBTs, to have better understand about human right in Thabin Society and to promote LGBTs by Thabin artists. As the workshop is held for the first time, it would be rather odd for them but they came to understand after some discussions,” said Daw Aye Mon Kyaw from Colors Rainbow (Dawei branch).

The workshop was attended by 12 Thabin artists including president of Thabin Artists Association, president of Thabin Social Relation from Dawei and president of Comedian’s Association (Dawei).

“Only 10 percent out of trainees who came to attend art school are men. Most of the trainees are LGBTs. There are many LGBTs among the actors today but they never become successful. They are better than other actors in terms of appearance and competency but they are not being given opportunities after seeing their stories behind the scene. I understand these situations and have sympathy for them after attending this workshop,” said U Pann Pwint, president of Comedian’s Association (Dawei).

Thabin is a highly effective tool to educate people and it can also be misused to spread hatreds and misconceptions among people. Therefore, the attendees discussed about the importance of Thabin art in trying to achieve mutual respect among people, making decreasing hatreds and discrimination between people and to have strong understanding of human right in every artistic performance.