A training was held at Tamwe township for 3 days with the aim of making LGBT stay in harmony among community.

This training organized by Colors Rainbow was from 16th to 18th July at Eden Palace Hotel in Tamwe township.

“This training was held with the aim to understand clearly about LGBT and SOGIE, to decrease discriminations and restrictions on SOGIE and to see the violence and legal connections. And it also aimed to have a better network when demanding for rights,” said Ma Yu Myat Mon from Colors Rainbow.

The training was attended by 29 attendees who are not only LGBTs but also Non-LGBTs.

“All the trainers taught us topic by topic patiently and warmly to understand. I didn’t have plan to continue attending from the start of the training. It is more interesting to learn about SOGIE. So, I attended the training for full 3 days and have discussed. Everybody should know about SOEGI. In that way, I think the love of everybody will be accepted,” said a transgender woman, Aunty Shine.

Trainees said that they gained knowledge about how LGBTs should behave in social community and have better understanding on their sexual orientation.

Source: www.colorsrainbow.com