Famous make-up artist Khin San Win gave a remembrance speech at 30th  year memorial day for 8888 Democracy Uprising that every single citizen including LGBTs without gender discrimination are responsible for development process of the country.

“We should not forget about 8888 in history. And then, experts in the country should help as much as they can for the development of the country. I think one should contribute his or her country to develop as a citizen without discriminations because of the fact he or she is a men or women or transgender or gay,” said Khin San Win.

Make-up Khin San Win marched eagerly as a flag-holder in front of Make-up artists group together with Moe Kyoe Ngat Ngal Saw Nandar and make-up Sanny during 88 uprising.

“Now, photos left as remembrance. The one who is wearing a red armband and holding a flag is me. At that time, I was just 15. It is the time I was learning make-up and hairdressing art. At that time, all the make-up artists around the country had participated the event and so being a youth, I also took part in the event, holding flag in front of the group. I didn’t know much just like elder people but I thought I should also join the event

as it was an event that people demanded to change a regime,” continued make-up Khin San Win.

The Democracy Uprising which took place on 8 th August 1988 has reached to its 30 anniversary on 8th  August 2018.

Source: www.colorsrainbow.com