It is known that there are currently no legal assistance organizations or individuals to conduct the cases of LGBTs if there were any cases among LGBTs at Mandalay.

“There is no project to give legal service at Mandalay though cases survey was made. We have those who had attended legal courses but they can’t do effectively either. Most arrests at Mandalay were cases of hiding in the shadows. There are even some situations like arresting while they are on their way to work. Arrests by police are still happening now. As there is no legal aid organization, faith on LGBT rights organization has lower among LGBTs themselves,” explained Daw MayGan @ Aung Zaw Htun from TRY (SHG) organization from Mandalay.

There are still many apprehensions, extortions, sexual violences against LGBTs in Mandalay, giving reason that there is an implementation plan. And the situations become more difficult as there is no legal assistance service which will give aid exclusively, according to the LGBTs from Mandalay.

“According to the surveys, we can see that traffic police can also arrest. Among LGBTs, Transgenders mostly have full of problems. They have been arrested at pagoda festivals too. Till now, targeting and arresting LGBTs are still happening. Though there are organizations which give aids to LGBTs, they can’t connect with them as there are restrictions,” he continued saying his experience.

There is reportedly a record of arresting 23 LGBTs in a single month at Mandalay in 2017.