First academic conference about SOGIE based LGBT/Human Rights at Co-Operative University (Thanlyin) was actively engaged by the students and the rector herself. 

The panel discussion was hosted by Colors Rainbow and Myanmar Youth Movement Organization on January 14th. The audiences were the teachers, heads of department and students that summed up to approximately 340 people. 

“The purpose of this talk is to ensure a safe environment where everyone can freely express their sexual orientation and gender identity in society,” said Shin Thant, the Community Outreach Coordinator of Colors Rainbow.

The discussion mainly focused on LGBT terms, SOGIE knowledge, myths and stereotypes about HIV/AIDS positive LGBT patients, the Penal Code article 377 and the urgency of social acceptance towards LGBTIQ community. The participants also gave suggestions about how LGBT students can respond and overcome the challenges they face regarding their identity, and the ways to create a LGBTIQ friendly atmosphere within the campus.

Educational and SOGIE comic books were also handed out to the participants for free by Colors Rainbow.