Colors Rainbow organized a sensitization workshop with teachers from respective schools from Launglon township at Basic Education High School (KaMyawKin).

This workshop was conducted on 29th October and 3 staffs including township education officer and 28 teachers from Launglon township attended the workshop.

“In the workshop, a teacher said after attending this workshop, he regret himself, thinking of his childhood. He had bullied a gay friend of him with his friends when he was young. He kicked and hit him as he disliked him. He said he is sad about it, knowing the truth at the workshop,” Daw Aye Mon from Colors Rainbow based in Dawei Twonship.

Besides, a one-day training was held for students of BEHS (KaMyawKin) to attain knowledge about LGBT and SOGIE, to decrease bad impacts of discrimination caused by different situations of children who have different sexual orientation on 30th October.

“A teacher said that such kinds of trainings are specially needed for the young students aging between 12 and 25. Because students among such age group are weak at thinking and reasoning, they can get wrong ways. Higher age groups have conscience,” continued Daw Aye Mon from Colors Rainbow based in Dawei Township.

In this sensitization workshop, teachers discussed about qualifications of LGBT and facts that are needed to perform the need of LGBT in the long-term processes.