The list of second Wathan LGBT Yathasarpay (Short Story) Competition, 2018 lead by Colors Rainbow was announced on 29th October .

The objective of this competition is to have more LGBT writings in Myanmar writings and to spread practical lives and feelings of LGBT to community according to the announcement of their facebook page “LGBT Story Competition”.

“We selected the manuscripts which meet competition’s terms step by step. We could chose and take out 30 selected manuscripts and send them to judges. We selected first prize, second prize, third prize and consolation prizes after adding the scores given by judges. We could see that non-LGBT were also joined the competition in addition to LGBT. We can see that there are still people who can understand lives of LGBT as they feel deeply about LGBT and write them,” said the responsible person of Yathasarpay (Short story) competition.

About 100 writers sent their manuscripts to compete in this competition and these manuscripts have been selected step by step in accordance with the terms and first prize winner, second prize winner, third prize winner and 2 consolation prize winners as well as 10 excellent stories were selected. The period of the second Wathan LGBT Yathasarpay (Short Story) was set as the period from 1st June to 1stOctober and Sayama Mi Chann Wai, Sayama Yin Yin Nu (Mandalay) and Saya Saung Lulin were acted as judges.