Colors Rainbow and Heal the World joined together and are creating an environment to gain spiritual strength for LGBT through Group Therapy Section (a Therapy section in which people in a group help and support one another spiritually).

This program is creating an environment where LGBT are accepted and believed as well as a place where they can open their feelings when they face difficulties in their lives.

“LGBT tend to be unsociable and become unaccepted socially, lacking confidence and having mental injuries when they cannot control themselves in their lives. If worse, they would commit suicide. That’s why, this program is made. Besides, you can share your strengths to other friends and acquaintances,” said Transgender woman, Shinn Thant.

This program is operating two days in a week and totally 8 sections in one program at the office of Heal the World located at Taw Win Zaw Tika Condo, Thingangyun Township.

“Here, we have rule to keep others’ secrets so that this is a talk where they can open their swallowed words,” explained Thiri Nay Win, the executive director of Heal the World.

The program was conducted from June to July as a first batch and from August to September as a second batch while about 10 LGBT have been accepting for each batch.

“Before I participated in this program, I only understood that blood testing is needed once in every three months. But now, I gained knowledge, and we feel on behalf of one another, opening our feelings. We cried and we also laughed. Since we have mental injuries because of environment, we feel fresh after opening our feelings like this. I will encourage and give strength to the ones who have mental injuries just like me,” said Transgender women, Tharaphy.

This program will bring benefits of having respects on one another, knowing the advantages of enjoying our lives at our best happily, having high level of sympathy, having learnt to keep things confidential where it should be, having capabilities of talking in front of people bravely, knowing our own abilities and having learnt to learn from each other.