Colors Rainbow gave three-day advanced training to participants who has attended basic training on human rights and LGBT rights at Best Western Chinatown Hotel in Latha Township in Yangon.

The training aims to raise awareness on human dignity and human rights and to promote harmony between community and LGBT.

“This training focuses on understanding of SOGIE that LGBT are facing and aims to enable participants become the persons that can represent LGBTs. It is also aim to enhance public participation and make people see LGBT as a normal human being,’’ Ko Aung Kyaw Thu, organizer of the training, said.

The training was held on August 22-24 with 25 participants.

“If you have not attended the training, then you will not possibly know how to handle the problems you face. I like the lesson on SOGIE best. There will certainly be more discrimination if you look things based on sex. So, I will try to share what I know about SOGIE to others-both LGBT and straights to prevent misunderstanding,’’ Jessia, a Transgender woman, said.

At the training, broad topics were discussed including human dignity and rights, LGBT rights, sex and sexuality view, SOGIE, discrimination, abuses, and building connection.